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Most of the pages on life Wiki, like the character articles, are locked, only for the administers to edit. However, there are some pages that are not locked and are allowed for registered users to edit. For those who are registered users and want to edit pages, you must follow these few rules:

  • Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
    • Please know the difference between homophones.  "You're" means you are.  "Your" is a type of possession.  "They're" means they are.  "Their" is another type of possession.  "There" is a pronoun.
    • If you don't know how to spell a certain word, please use a synonym of that word.  One that you know how to spell.
    • Please make sure you put a period at every end of a sentence.  When you talking about possession, put an apostrophe, like Jeremy's dog or Krissy's i-pod.
    • After every period, please press the spacebar twice before typing another sentence.
    • Capitalize the first word in a sentence, like this: I like this series.  Please capitalize titles and names like Westview High School and Deacon.
  • Don't edit work that is not yours
    • Please respect others' work.  Completely altering someone's work without permession is not tolerated here.
    • If this kind of act occurs to your work, please notify an administer.
  • Use appropriate language
    • Although life involves some filthy subjects as well as some filthy languages, please keep this wiki at least PG rated. This means do not put any inappropriate language in any of the articles, unless you have permission.
  • You are always allowed to create your own page
    • When creating your own page, you must follow some rules.  If these rules are not followed as asked, your page will be deleted by an administer.
    • Again, remember that if you do not follow these rules, your page will be deleted.
Socializing Subheader
  • Respect others
    • We all have our differences. However, this does not give you a right to treat others with disrespect.  If you are being bullied, please inform an administer, so they can handle it.
  • Respect the show
    • life may be offensive to some. If you are offended by the series, do not join this wiki. But please note, it is not the creator of life's intention to personally offend you.
    • Please keep negative comments about the series to yourself.

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