Pilot (episode)
Season One, Episode One
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Writer(s) Simsbecomeher
Director Simsbecomeher
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"Pilot" is the first episode of Season One of life.


WELCOME BACK, WESTVIEW - Summer is over and everyone is going to back to school now.  Already, Olivia Campbell is anxious to get the hell out.  The freshmen try to fit in with everyone else, but they, instead, clash with the hostile sophomores.  Variations of rumors cause a lot of confusion and drama, thanks to Candice Fisher.


How will the first day of school go?Edit

Avoiding BrookeEdit

Class of 2015 v. Class of 2016Edit

The Legend of Damon HalderEdit

Candice's Summer RomanceEdit



[] - Olivia Campbell

[] - Damon Halder

[] - Adriana Broswell

[] - Candice Fisher

[] - Nicole Rabinowitz

[] - Gabi Gilbert

[] - Jenna Fitzgerald

[] - Deacon Stewart

[] - Seth Jeurgens

[] - Brooke Campbell


[] - Mack Novick

[] - Gwen Donnelly

[] - LeNeisha Thompson

[] - Laurie Andrews

[] - Dylan Jenners

[] - Becca Johnson


Featured MusicEdit

"Arrival of the Birds" - The Cinematic Orchestra

"Hang It Up" - The Ting Tings

"Take Me Out" - Franz Ferdinand

"If You Wanna" - The Vaccines

"Bad Reputation" - Avril Lavigne

"Ho Hey" - The Lumineers

"Riot Rhythm" - Sleigh Bells

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