Nicole Rabinowitz
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Nicole Rabinowitz
Nicole 4
Season One Promotional Picture of Nicole
General Information
Full Name Nicole Annamarie Rabinowitz
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Color Medium brown
Eye Color Greyish-blue
Height 5'6"
Location Aurora, Colorado
Occupation High School Student
Aliases "Coley"
       -by Ellie



       -by Linda


       -by Jim


       -by Jeremy


       -by Olivia


       -by Gabi


"Tig Ol' Bitties"


       -by Casey

"Hot Yentl"

       -by Damon


       -by Volleyball Teammates
Family Ellie Rabinowitz (Mother)

Linda Rabinowitz (Step-Mother)

Jim Rabinowitz (Father)

Jeremy Rabinowitz (Brother)

Friends Candice Fisher (Best Friend)

Laurie Andrews (Best Friend)

Olivia Campbell (Best Friend)

Gabi Gilbert (Close Friend)

Jenna Fitzgerald (Close Friend)

Dylan Jenners (Friend)

Romances Casey Alderidge (Ex-fling)

Kyle McLaughlin (Ex-boyfriend)

Enemies None
Pets Ruby
Series Information
Status Alive
First Appearance Pilot (1x1)
Last Appearance Pilot (1x1)
Portrayed by Unknown
Nicole Rabinowitz is a main character on the Sims 3 series, life.  She is a (sometimes) unconfident sophomore, who currently goes to Westview High School.

Season One

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