Deacon Stewart
General Information
Full name Deacon Oliver Stewart
Age 15
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Kearney, Nebraska
Gender Male
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Light tealish blue
Height 5'2"
Currently residing in Aurora, Colorado
Occupation Sophomore
Nickname(s) "Deace" by Seth
Family Unnamed Mother (mother)

Unnamed Father (father)

Friends Seth Jeurgens (best friend)
Romances Olivia Campbell (crush)
Enemies None
Pets Unknown
Series Information
Status Alive
First appearance Pilot (1x01)
Last appearance Say Nothing... (1x02)
Portrayed by Unknown
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Deacon Stewart is a main character on life.  He is a 15 year old boy, who currently lives in Aurora, Colorado.  He goes to Westview High School along with his best friend, Seth Jeurgens.

Season One

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