Candice Fisher
General Information
Full name Candice Marie Fisher
Age 15
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Aurora, Colorado
Gender Female
Hair color Strawberry blonde
Eye color Light Greyish blue
Height 5'4"
Currently residing in Aurora, Colorado
Occupation Sophomore
Nickname(s) Unknown
Family Unnamed Mother (mother)

Unnamed Father (father)

Friends Nicole Rabinowitz (best friend)

Olivia Campbell (best friend)

Gabi Gilbert (close friend)

Jenna Fitzgerald (close friend)

Romances Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Pets Unknown
Series Information
Status Alive
First appearance Pilot (1x01)
Last appearance Say Nothing... (1x02)
Portrayed by Unknown
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Candice Fisher is a main character on life.  She is a 15 year old girl, who has lived in Aurora, Colorado all of her life.  She goes to Westview High School with her friends, Nicole Rabinowitz, Olivia Campbell , Gabi Gilbert, and Jenna Fitzgerald.

Season One

Main Article - Season One

Photo Gallery

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